art holiday in the Blkan 

with Zak Shiff

September 11-15, 2019

Zach Schiff: "Art begins with thought. The realization of the thought takes place when there is belief in the importance of the act and its place in the world. 

During the workshop we will proceed with the creative task from a position of freedom and playfulness and we will create visual connections based on the present, past and personal collective history. We will combine experiences, memories, relationships like a patchwork  quilt that invites the viewer to curl up in it, and sometimes turn its back on it. "

Location: The Balkan mountain range in Bulgaria, near Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria's ancient and beautiful capital.

In addition to the workshops we will interact with local residents, meet other artists and social entrepreneurs, enjoy a local food workshop and nature walks.

Participation is suitable for all levels of art enthusiasts.

The workshop

We will start the workshop by gathering local materials such as newspaper cuttings, magazines or cardboard packaging of consumer goods.

We will walk through the streets, in second-hand shops and in nature, and we will be inspired by all our experiences.

We will create a using a mixed technique of drawing, cardboard and paper cutouts, based on our instinctive short and long-term memory.

We will draw and paint in the wonderful vistas of the area.

During the workshop scenes, emotions, passions and new stories will arise that will be woven into a powerful collage.


The area in which we will stay (like most of Bulgaria) has experienced dramatic changes in recent decades. Massive emigration of local youth, accompanied by large-scale immigration of Western Europeans, attracted to Bulgaria's comfort and easy life style. We will meet with members of the various communities, residents, artists, social entrepreneurs and listen to the experience of life in the region.

In between, we will wander through the streets and fortresses of the city Veliko Tarnovo, which nestles beautifully into the densely winding Yantra River; tour an artistic-social project, dance, sing, cook and breathe art and creativity.

Eeverything needed for your creative journey (materials, equipment, guidance and inspiration). will be provided.

You are invited to pack a small bag and set out.

The workshop is suitable for any adult, male or female, who is looking for a creative experience , combined with a quest to travel and get to know the world.

The facilitator 

Zach Shiff, a father of two sons, a multidisciplinary artist, holds a BA from the Faculty of Art from the Midrasha and a master's degree from Boston University. Schiff takes everyday issues with a personal, social and political touch, and creates a visual language that is composed of “ready made”, full of associations and history. Out of a multitude of materials and contexts, a new story is created, blurring boundaries between reality and fiction. Cardboard, symbols, logos and consumer icons, words and body parts are stacked in many strata, like an archeological dig.

Schiff is an active artist in the local and international fields and has exhibited in many exhibitions in Israel and abroad.

Schiff: "My point of departure is drawing and painting, but in recent years I have been combining  every possible medium that embraces time, place and context. My work always begins with a burst of thoughts leading to the movement of body and soul."




Workshop program


Travel from Sofia to Popoti with a stopover en-route

Familiarization  with the surroundings, with the workshop and each other.

Lecture and videos on thought processes, creativity and work

We will use local magazines and books to select images that will be used during the workshop.


Emotions Drawings 

Through practice of Mindfulness we will go through various types of drawing exercises (charcoal, ink, pencil, acrylic, brushes). We will practice brush strokes of stains, lines and shapes on paper.

Tours in the village and rest period

The transition between words and ideas into visual images and between attachment and freedom.

We will play with dialogues between text and form and will experience the liberation and transfer of the creativity from hand to hand.


Landscape Drawings

We will go to the Emerald Lakes reserve in Hotnitsa and practice drawing from observation (and also combinations between the worlds of photography and painting). We will start with short and quick sketches from different angles in the landscape and move on to a slower and in-depth painting.

A tour of the ancient and beautiful capital city of VELIKO TARNOVO

Evening of songs / Bulgarian dancing / Activity on the development of languages ​​/ Meeting with neighbors


Collage work using mixed technique on large canvas / large paper / wall in public space

Creating group work combined with the techniques and knowledge gained during the weekend.

Bulgarian food cooking workshop

A summing-up session, and feedback 


Depart early morning to Sofia Airport.


Workshop Schedule

From Wednesday, 11th September 2019, until Sunday, 15th September 2019

The workshop is held in the format of a long weekend, from Wednesday to Sunday.

Workshop Venue

The workshop is held in the village of Popovtsi on the northern outskirts of the central Balkan mountain ridge, Bulgaria. 

During the workshop we will reside storeat the 

During the workshop we will reside at In the Winding Wall complex,  - a well maintained and well-equipped holiday resortrecreation area, spacious bedliving rooms, workshop areascreative spaces, a swimming pool and a restaurant.

Rooms are not the same, please consult with us regarding your particular preferencesmatch the room you need.


The price of the workshop 980  €                                                           

Special price for early registrantions until 30.6.19   -    920 €

Extra for single room -     € 150

Included in the price:

  • 4 nights in a double room at the resort

  • All meals included 

  • Individual training in a small group (up to 16 participants)

  • All equipment and materials

  • Transportation from the airport to the resort and back

  • Transportation to activities outside the workshop area according to the plan

Not included in the price:

  • Flights from Tel Aviv to Sofia (see details below)

  • Expenses of a personal nature

  • Travel Insurance

Please note the following important information

  • Insurance

All participants are required to insure themselves with their own personal health and travel insurance.

It is worth making sure that the policy covers the expenses involved in canceling the trip for medical reasons.


  • Flight Details 

Regular flights on El Al are approximately 200 euros

Transportation from Sofia and return to Sofia are based on the El AL flight times.

However, participants can choose to get to the Sofia pick-up point in Sofia at the designated time or can opt to go directly to the final destination in a variety of ways which may be cheaper and more convenient and appropriate to individual plans of each participant. 

Other airlines that fly from Tel Aviv to Sofia: Wizz Air, Ryan Air, Bulgaria Air 

It is also possible to get to Popovtsi village resort via Varna Airport which is a similar distance 

It is recommended that you consider extending your trip for a few days, prior to or after the workshop to enjoy the wonderful surroundings. You are welcome to contact us for suggestions on attractions, accommodation areas and places of interest in the area.

You are welcome to purchase flight tickets via Nir Shilo, Diesenhaus Nahariya 972-52-4683898

Do not purchase flight tickets prior to confirmation by email from team Primavera

There may be changes in dates, up to the moment that we close the Workshop Group and confirm that tickets can be purchased.

Transportation from Sofia to the workshop complex in Popovtsi: 

11/9/19 from Sofia to the resort at 12:00 

15/9/19 from the workshop complex in Popovtsi to Sofia at 06:00 


Please leave contact information at the bottom of this page and we will call you to provide information and to coordinate expectations. 

After our initial discussion we will send you a registration form, which you will be asked to fill out and return to us by as per instructions in the body of the form.


On completion of your registration, you will be required to pay a registration fee of € 100 per person, which is not refundable, unless the workshop is cancelled. 

Payment of the balance will be payable approximately 45 days prior to departure, according to the terms of payment agreed with you. 

The Shekel amount due will be determined according to the bank selling conversions rate on date of billing date.

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation within 31-60 days prior to departure charge of €100 (only the registration cost) 

  • Cancellation within 15-30 days prior to departure charge of 50% of the price of the entire trip 

  • Cancellation within 14-8 days prior to departure charge of 75% of the entire trip 

  • Cancellation within 7-4 days prior to departure charge of 85% of the entire trip 

  • Cancellation less than 4 days prior to departure charge of the total cost of the trip.     

All cancellations at any stage after sending the registration form, must be submitted in writing.

All refunds due to Participants based on a cancellation, shall be remitted within 60 days from the date of receiving the notice of cancellation

Worth bringing:

  • Camera

  • Notepad and writing equipment 

  • Sunscreen 

  • Swimsuit

  • Comfortable shoes 


  • Spaces are limited 

  • Workshop is conditional on minimum 10 participants per workshop

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