Primavera- Art Retreats Around the World

Primavera (spring in Italian) invites you to a join us in a unique short vacation,  taking a slight deviation from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

For a few days we will experience creativity and personal discovery. We will differentiate between the conscious verbal expression and subconscious sensory expression. By acquiring new creative skills, we can expand our boundaries through various means (painting, drawing, photography, collage, assemblage etc.).

During the process one realizes that there is another way to look at the world, to express and communicate with it, to sense our environment and to relate to it..

Between the workshops we will experience local day-to-day life in the village; talk to residents, enjoy beautiful natural sights of this unique region, get to know artistic and social projects in the area, cook local food together, and simply enjoy being there.

Hopefully something of this experience will stay with us.




Nirit Segal - Founder of Primavera, lives on Manof,
is married with two sons and a daughter.

Graduate of Engineering and Business Administration from the Technion,

loves art, nature, cities and creativity, imagination and free thought.

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