Primavera- Art Retreats Around the World

Primavera (Italian for Spring) invites you to take a little breather from the daily race, a slight detour from the main path of life. For a few days we will disconnect from life’s distractions, we will escape to a serene place, quiet and unique in its beauty, and dive together into the world of creation and discovery. Together we will skip between the language of words and the language of the senses, distort definitions, blur boundaries, and acquire creative skills using a variety of means. In every such retreat, we will experience a different artistic language - painting, drawing, photography, writing, ancient crafts, jewelry design, collage, assemblage and more. With time we will feel that, lo and behold, there is another way to look at the world, express ourselves and communicate with it, immerse ourselves in it and feel it with all our senses. Between one burst of creativity to the next, we will become aware of the local day-to-day life. We will meet the locals, enjoy serene nature walks, get acquainted with artistic and social projects, experiment with cooking, smile, and simply live. Most likely some of this will remain and continue with us ...

My name is Nirit Segal and it’s a pleasure having you here.

I started the Primavera initiative out of a desire to explore and understand the world from a fresh and unconventional perspective, with a desire to find expressive and creative paths outside the mainstream.

Married + 3, dreaming, breathing and living in the Galilee.

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